Cardigan: Sewing with Knits Project

Level: Improver + Above

Class options: 3 Stitch Classes or 1-2-1 lesson

What to bring:
- 2m length of knitted fabric*, at least 145cm wide. Wash, dry & iron fabric in the way the final garment will be washed before the workshop in case it shrinks (see seller guidelines for washing when buying fabric)

- 100m reel of matching polyester or cotton good quality sewing thread e.g. Coats, Moon, Gutermann

- £1 if you would like to keep the bobbins you put thread onto for stitching seams and twin needled hem

*Where to find your knitted fabric:

We bought the knit fabric for our grey marl & gold/brown knit cardigans shown in Fabric Land in Brighton

Our grey marl crochet knit cardigan was made from fabric from Ebay: here in marl pink & here in marl grey

Hove based online fabric store Fabric Godmother had a few knits in stock at time of writing this:

Try Ditto Fabrics shop in Kensington Gardens in Brighton, or the knits in 'Wool & Wool Mixtures' section of their online store here

Or try searching online for crochet type knits and wool type knits

Take a look to see if you like the knits at Truro Fabrics here

This would also look nice in most jersey fabrics or stretch lace. See our guide to buying fabrics locally & online here .

If your fabric has a print or other knitted in design that you would like to pattern match, buy an extra 50cm in length