Costumes & Cosplay

Costumes & Cosplay

Into Cosplay or love fancy dress? We'll help you make costumes/accessories for yourself or the kids from a pattern you bring in.

Create this project in our weekly Sewing & Dressmaking classes, or in our One-to-One lessons at a time that suits you!

Level: Improver

Classes needed: 1-10

Which Stitch Class to attend: Any

  • A shop bought costume sewing pattern plus relevant fabric and trimmings/notions (see back of the envelope)
  • Note: All fabric needs washing and ironing before class, unless it is 100% polyester or PU/PVC/Olicloth - or the finished item will never be washed. Check fabric content and any washing/ironing instructions when purchasing fabric 
  • Or for making your own accessories email us a picture a couple of weeks before your class and we'll let you know if it's doable and what you'll need to bring to make it
  • Wear thin trousers (with few or no pockets) or leggings and a vest top for making clothes so we can fit the pattern to you and/or take full measurements.

Email us HERE with any pre-class questions