Staying safe in class during Covid-19

Hi everyone!  Hope you're all keeping well. We are starting to run classes again and have put some measures together in a way that feels the safest in order to avoid tranmission of Covid-19. Please read on to see our classroom set up for social distancing, masks, visors, screens, bringing your own equipment etc.  

Updated 31st July 2020

Sew In Brighton Covid-19 Classroom Safety Measures in place currently:

  • Students sit 2m apart in class OR 1 to 2m distance & facing away from each other (+ screen and masks, see below). Currently max 6 students, this will hopefully be adjusted as time goes on and things get safer - will will update this page
  • To reduce the amount of movement around the class, students should ask the teacher to bring them items needed
  • Everyone will be asked to sanitise their hands on arrival.
  • Students to bring own scissors, pins, tape measure, chalk, unpicker, grader ruler etc if they have them. We can supply any missing items
  • We will be sanitising all tools, machines, chairs, desks, door handles after each class as well as having sprays and wipes available to use during the class. Students will be asked to place used items on a central desk and teacher will sanitise. We will also have optional non-latex gloves available. 
  • We have 2 entry/exits doors available if needed in the classroom that students and teachers can use to help maintain social distancing
  • Posters have been put up around the building and in the classroom as a reminder of the 2m distance, to wash and sanitise hands etc
  • We have been assured that the building managers have stepped up the level of sanitising in all communal areas, including toilets which are on the floors below ours. We ask, however, that students re-sanitise their hands on arrival back into the classroom each time. 
  • All students booking to attend classes will be asked to confirm the following during the online booking process:
    1. I have not had cough, fever, loss of taste in the past 14 days
    2. I have not returned from abroad in last 14 days
    3. I have not been in contact with/do not live with anyone with Covid-19 or with similar symptoms
    4. I'm happy to bring a face covering & wear it when closer than 2m to anyone else in the room (ie when moving around or when talking to teacher re your project) 
    5. I have read & I accept your measures on social distancing, bringing my own sewing tools & refreshments, classroom set up & sanitiser laid out on
  • Tea and coffee won’t be available for the time being - please bring your own soft or take away hot drinks and snacks. This is to reduce the movement around the classroom and to reduce cross-contamination with use of cups, kettles, milk, teaspoons, sugar pot etc