Drum Lampshade Making

Level:  Beginner and above - this is for anyone, no experience of crafts or sewing necessary as sewing is not involved, just careful manipulation of fabric, which your tutor will help you with.

Classes Needed: 1x Stitch class or 1x 2.5hr 121 lesson

Which Classes to Attend 
Either of these:

What to bring:

You'll need to tell us in advance whether you want to make a 20cm, 30cm diameter shade so that we can see we have it in stock for your lesson.  If we don't we'll give you a link to order one. 

Other sizes and shapes may be available - please contact us to find out more.  Please give us two weeks notice. 

  • Fabric** - could be old curtain fabric or new fabric in the following size:
  • Fabric for 30cm diameter shade: 1m wide x 30 cm high cm
  • Fabric for 20cm diameter lampshade: 65cm wide x 25 cm high 
  • Money to pay for your shade kit:  It's £11.50 for a 20cm drum shade and £14.50 for a 30cm shade, payable on the day to the tutor in cash. 
  • Bring glasses if you wear them for close up work  
**We suggest a medium weight fabric. Poly cotton or cotton should be ok - not too nylony! Open weave is not usually recommended as the light attracts dust and is difficult to clean or dust. Saying that, we're seeing even crocheted lampshades - so it is a personal choice really.

Book Stitch Classes here (Tuesday morning from January '22) with Jo Bunner - email us to say you're making lampshade in your class

Book One to One lessons here with Jo or Kate - 2.5hr lesson needed - can book for 2 people for only 1.5x the price of one person!