Free Machine Embroidery

Free machine embroidery is a cool creative technique that can be used on T-shirts, skirts & dresses, homewares and furnishings and looks really cute on kids clothes.

Level: Improver

Classes needed:
1-3 Tuesday morning Stitch Classes with Laura Cole or 2-6hrs of 1-2-1 lessons with Laura -  depending on project. Let us know what you'd like to apply your designs to and we'll advise the length of lesson(s)

Which Stitch Class to attend: 1-2-1 lessons with Laura

What to bring:
  • A garment or item to embroider eg a t-shirt, a skirt, a dress, cushion cover. Jeans are not suitable as it's too difficult to get inside the leg. Please email us for advice if you are not sure what to bring, or bring a load of garments and your tutor will advise which are suitable!
  • bring £1-2 to cover thread, bondaweb and any sequins/beads costs
  • bring extra cash if you want to buy fabric and cushion pad from us
  • if you wear glasses for close up work please bring them
  • bring any pictures you may want to use as inspiration
Email us HERE with any pre-class questions and to arrange a 1-2-1 lesson