Sewing Machine Feet

Learn all about the different presser feet available for sewing machines with our expert Laura Cole in Stitch classes on Tuesday Mornings or in 1-2-1 lessons

Presser feet for piping, invisible zips, ruffles, buttonholes and more are available for most sewing machines....machine feet

Have you ever had these problems with your sewing projects?

  • pvc or leather sticking to the machine and foot as you sew
  • velvet and corduroy shifting as you sew
  • invisible zip is still visible from the outside of the garment
  • hours of hand gathering for gathered skirts or ruffle edges on cushions
  • can't sew close enough to zip or piping with ordinary foot

There are lots of special feet available that will make your sewing a whole lot easier - and more fun!  Why not try them out with us before deciding which to buy for your own machine? In these workshops find out how to use the following presser feet, which can be purchased from sewing machine retailers to fit your machine:

walking foot - for fabrics with pile, chiffon, leather, suede, pvc, oilcloth
darning/embroidery foot - for free machine embroidery, darning jeans and more
buttonhole foot - quick easy professional looking buttonholes
piping foot - for applying piping to cushion, clothes etc
invisible zip foot - inserting concealed zips (special type of zip)
adjustable zip foot - for applying piping, fringing and chunky zips
ruffler foot - ruffles edges with ease - way quicker than any other method
hemmer foot - for neat double turned hems on chiffon, thin cotton etc
ultraglide foot and roller foot - for pvc, oilcloth, leather, waterproof fabrics


What you can try out in classes:

Practise samples only (2 Stitch classes or a 2 hour 1-2-1 lesson):

  • Try out on sample fabrics and notions we provide along with the following feet: darning/embroidery foot, buttonhole, piping, invisible zip, adjustable zip, ruffler, hemmer foot, ultraglide for pvc and roller foot
  • Keep your samples with reference sheet handout

Practise samples and cushion (4 Stitch classes or 4 hour 1-2-1 lesson):

  • Try out on sample fabrics and notions we provide along with the following feet: darning/embroidery foot, buttonhole, piping, invisible zip, adjustable zip, ruffler, hemmer foot, ultraglide for pvc and roller foot
  • Keep your samples with reference sheet handout
  • Cut and make your ruffle or your bias binding/piping with our guidance
  • Make your choice of cushion to practise techniques - with piped or ruffled edge and button or zip back plus the option to put machine embroidery on the front. 

Let us know if you are coming to do this project in either of these classes as we will need to arrange sample fabrics

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Experience: To get the most out of this subject you should have made at least two items before using a sewing machine, and be able to thread up and sew with a sewing machine without help. Age 13+. 

Teacher: Laura Cole

Venue: The Sewing Lounge, Hove (click here for information on venue access if you have a disability or injury)
Teas, cordials, water and coffee available throughout the workshop

Sewing Machines: We will be providing Janome 525S sewing machines and feet to go with them. We will give you information about where to buy feet for your machine at home

What to bring (all these items can be found easily in most fabric shops):

Practise samples only: you just need to bring glasses if you need them for close up work, we'll provide sewing machine, machine feet and fabrics

Practise samples and cushion:
You will need to choose whether to pipe the edge of your cushion or insert ruffle and whether to zip or button the back - however if you are not sure bring kit for both and you can can make one on the day and the other at home after the workshop. Please contact us if you have any questions pre course

  • To fill the cushion bring a cushion to cover or a new cushion pad/inner (up to 20" square in size). We have 16" sq pads in stock (high quality microfibre filled) for £3.50 - bring cash if you would like to buy one
  • The main cushion bring a length of non-stretch medium weight fabric (eg printed cotton) any width from 44" upwards:
    • a 16" cushion needs half a metre 
    • an 18" cushion needs 1m
    • a 20" cushion needs 1.2m
    • If you want to challenge yourself you could bring PVC or velvet as your cushion fabric, as we will have taught you to use the feet to deal with these!

  • The edging:
    • If you prefer to do piped  edging bring 2.2m of 3-5mm diameter cotton piping cord and half a metre of non-stretch medium weight fabric (eg printed cotton) any width from 44" upwards. Or if you prefer to bring ready made piping then bring 2.2m of that.  
    • If you prefer to do ruffled edging bring a contrast medium weight fabric or the same fabric as your cushion 1.2m 
  • Thread matching the colour of your main cushion fabric. Buy good quality sewing thread e.g. Coats, Moon, Gutermann (not thick button thread and not cheap 'special offer' threads!): One 100m or more reel of  thread plus 50p for each bobbin you use if you would like to keep it

  • The back closure:
    • If you prefer the back to be zipped bring an invisible zip that blends with the main fabric colour (they can be easily cut to size so bring the nearest longer length you can get if the exact size stated here is not available)
      • for the 16" cushion 14" zip
      • for the 18" cushion 16" zip
      • for the 20" cushion 18" zip
    • If you prefer a button back cushion bring 2-4 buttons of your choice

  • Parking - please arrive 15 mins early to find a space. Parking instructions, transport info & directions can be found here and will also be on your booking confirmation

We provide (or bring your own): Scissors, pattern paper, chalk, tape measure etc if you don’t have your own

Where to buy fabric: Suggestions of where to buy your fabric locally will be given on your booking confirmation, or to see our list of local fabric shops now click here


Cover this course content in a 2-4 hour 1-2-1 lesson or 2-4 Stitch Classes on Tuesday mornings with Laura Cole (see details above)

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