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Sewing classes at Sew In Brighton

Hello! Is this you?:
You're completely new to sewing, you've not used a sewing machine or even picked up a needle, fabric or pins or 
You have forgotten how sew or feel nervous about machine sewing or
You sewed many years ago & want to refresh the basics before moving on to other projects

Yes? Every class & workshop below is suitable for you, and will either teach the basics of machine sewing or other beginner craft skills

Cecile, mid eighties, gets help from teacher Kat at Sew In BRighton

What to make in classes & lessons: 
Learn to sew & gain confidence while making easy intro projects - cushions, bags, purses, pyjamas. We have a 'Learn to Use a Sewing Machine Programme' which you can follow in Stitch Classes, the Learn to Use a Sewing Machine course & 1-2-1 lessons

Browse courses & classes:

Next steps:
Once you've completed one or two beginner classes or a course you will be considered an Improver, so could then come to any of our Improver level courses/classes or All levels classes or continue in Stitch Classes on Improver level sewing projects and upwards

More useful info...

Pop in:
If you want to pop in and see the space and or have a chat before you book your first class call on 07958964810 or book onto one our free advice and chat sessions above

Sewing machines: 
We provide Janome 525s sewing machines* which are ideal for beginners and similar to many others in the shops so great to learn on - or bring your own if you prefer and we'll help you learn how to use it with confidence

Other beginner classes we offer at Sew In Brighton:
For all levels children's sewing info click here
For Overlocking for beginner overlocker users click here

Here's a reminder of all our Experience Levels:

  • Beginner
    - You're brand new to sewing, never sat at a sewing machine or picked up a hand sewing needle, never pinned & cut fabric
    - You want to re-learn/refresh the machine sewing basics from scratch
  • Improver - You have used and threaded up a sewing machine before, sewn in a straight line following a seam allowance, perhaps made a small item like a bag or cushion - but may need a reminder
  • Intermediate - You've made at least 2 simple items of clothing with a sewing machine
  • Experienced - You've made 5 or more items of clothing using a sewing machine, including set in sleeves & are confident sewing unsupervised

*Sewing Machines: our in-class 'Janome 525S' sewing machines are lent to us from Janome. They are non computerised so very easy to use and are replaced every 18 months. These are sold locally at Brighton Sewing Centre & Varneys (details here) should you like them and fancy getting your own

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