Introduction to Corset Making - in Stitch Classes or 1-2-1

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Make a bustier style boned corset in 9-10 of our regular 'Stitch' sewing & dressmaking classes. We provide sewing machines, patterns & full support & instruction from an experienced teacher

Content of this project: Introduction to working with boning, interfacing, binding, eyelets & lacing, optional busk (front metal fastening used in corsets), and we'll show you how to choose your best pattern size and fit the corset pattern to your shape. Choose from sweetheart neckline or straight across, also make it longer, shorter etc.  You'll have the perfected pattern so you can make more at home.

Sewing experience for this project: No prior experience of these specific skills is needed but you'll need to have used a sewing machine, be reasonably confident threading up and sewing to a set seam allowance and made at least one item of clothing before, and be aged 16+
You could book additional Stitch Classes with us if you want to learn sewing or to clothes-sewing skills before starting this project - click here for info. 

What to bring:
You can buy everything you need to make your corset for around £24-28 from Fabric Land in Brighton or other good fabric/haberdashery online and highstreet stores:

  1. Corset pattern Simplicity 1345. Buy size range 6-14 for bust up to 36"/92cm, and size range 14-22 for bust over 37"/94.5cm. Buy via Google here. If can't find it, we have both size ranges and you could trace off the pieces you need - allow an extra half class for this
  2. Thick non-stretch plain fabric to make a mock up and fit it to your shape - cotton canvas or thick calico or denim - for example Loomstate Bull Denim Heavy Calico Fabric
  3. Outer fabric: non stretch thick fabric: bring 1m if fabric is 150cm+ wide / 1.5m if fabric is 115-149cm wide. We recommend:
    1. Duchesse satin 147cm wide £5.99m Fabric Land Brighton (Brighton shop and online)  
    2. Corset fabric from Vena Cava (online) - we like the following: Cotton backed satin, Spot Broche, Boutonniere Broche, Rosebud Coutil, Belle Coutil, Corsage Broche - all around £21.50m
    3. A thick non stretch denim is a good alternative - range available in most fabric shops inc. Fabric Land
  4. Lining: 1m interlining e.g. Coutil (Minerva Crafts) or cotton drill or cotton drill from Fabric Land (147cm wide) 
  5. Stiffening: Interfacing (may not be needed depending on your fabric thickness - bring anyway, you'll find it useful other projects if not used in this course) 1.4m of medium to lightweight fusible at least 51/20"cm wide e.g. from Fabric Land
  6. Tape for boning insert casings (inside garment): 3m of 2.5cm wide seam binding tape e.g. Fabric Land
  7. Thread: a reel of 100m polyester sewing thread matching your outer fabric plus 50p to buy a bobbin from us (or bring your own bobbin)
  8. Ribbon: 3m of 8mm wide ribbon for the laced back opening. E.g. from Fabric Land
  9. Optional Busk for additional centre front opening (may require extra homework): 11"/28cm - it would be best to wait until after week one to order this in case you want a longer or shorter front corset. Costs approx £10 inc p&p from the last 2 suppliers below.  
  10. Boning: 3 metres of 1cm wide polyester boning for the body. If you prefer steel bones all the way round,bring just 1m of plastic boning for the mock up and you can purchase steel bones online after your 2nd class once you know the lengths from your perfected pattern
  11. What to wear - wear a bra, and we will start fitting the tisssue pattern with the bra on, then move to no-bra once the calico toile (mock up) is made up. Wear on your lower half whatever you would wear with the corst, as we will allow room for this garment over the top hip when fitting the corset
We provide:
    • Sewing machine: bring your own machine or use ours. We are on the third floor so we recommend using ours which are lovely Janome 525s's, all less than 18 months old
    • Eyelets: we provide gold or silver eyelets and have the industrial machine for applying them
    • Other: Scissors, pattern paper, chalk, tape measure etc if you don’t have your own

List of UK Corset Making Suppliers: