Choose from our fabulous range of sewing projects

Sew these projects any time in our regular classes - the Stitch! Sewing and Clothes Making Sessions or one to one private lessons. Click on an individual project for details of what to bring to class to complete it. We have patterns available in class for most project items (the bring list will tell you if you need to bring your own pattern). 
Contact us here if you need any further advice on sewing projects

Sewing project ideas for Stitch Sewing & Clothes making Sessions in brighton and Hove, East Sussex

Experience Levels Explained:
 Beginner: No sewing experience at all/refresher. 
Once you have learnt to use a sewing machine (in one class or less) and made one item you are an improver
Improver: You have used a sewing machine to make one item or more
Intermediate: You have made at least 2 simple items of clothing with a sewing machine
Experienced: You have used a sewing machine to make many items including clothing