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IMPORTANT: You may not be booked in if you have paid but have not received a booking confirmation email. If this is the case please contact us as soon as possible to check your booking to avoid disappointment. 

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Sew In Brighton Booking Terms for classes, courses & workshops

By paying for your booking you are agreeing to the following booking terms:
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Sew In Brighton Booking Terms for online (pre-recorded video) classes, courses & workshops

Thank you for purchasing our online workshop! We have just a few rules, so have a quick read to check you're happy with these before purchasing:

  • Access to this workshop is for the purchaser only, content may not be shared
  • Please take care with sewing machine needs, scissors, hand needles, secateurs, thorns, wire and other sharp items used during making the items on your course or workshop. We cannot take any responsibility for injuries sustained. Adults should supervise children.
  • Materials can be found in several places, see the PDF for more details. If you cannot find materials please contact us and we will send you more information and links.
  • Please contact us if you have any technical issues watching the videos or downloading course material
  • Non refundable once purchased

Discount, savings codes and promo codes terms

  • If you have existing Stitch Class Passes you will need to use these up before booking Stitch Class dates using a discount code, as the booking ststem will always use up your passes first to pay for Stitch Class dates you put in your shopping cart.
  • Discount codes & Sale prices cannot be used in conjunction with any other Sale, Birthday code, 10% off slip, Special offer or Early Bird discount - you'll need to go with one or the other, which ever is cheapest for you (the booking system only has one promo code box, so just choose the promo code you prefer to use).
  • Discount codes are not valid on Hen Parties or Group Bookings and some are only valid for certain classes or courses.
  • Check the small print at time of receiving the discount code to see what it's valid for
  • Email us here if you need help


Gift Cards / Vouchers booking terms

  • Use this voucher for: This Gift Card or Voucher can be used as full or part payment for any items on our site i.e. any classes, courses or products, but see next point re discounted items
  • Other discounts: Gift cards are compatible on the online checkout with Early Bird discounts but cannot be used along with any other discounts. Please contact us if you need help booking because of this e.g. to book a course with a SALE code you've seen
  • Money left on card: If the value of your purchase does not use the full amount available on the voucher please email us here to let us know: include your email address used to make the class/course purchase plus your gift voucher number and remaining balance needed. We will send you new discount gift code for the remaining amount, which can then be used against future purchases
  • Prices of courses may change: We cannot guarantee a course price will remain the same between date of voucher purchase & date of using it to pay - if the price of the course or class has increased the extra can be paid by credit card at time of booking, or see point above if course price has decreased
  • Refunds: Gift vouchers are non refundable (unless refund is requested within 24 hours of purchase)
  • Expiry: Gift Voucher expiry is 9 months - please note the expiry date on the voucher
  • Booking Terms: Booking terms for classes apply to all class bookings made using this voucher

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Private/1-2-1 sewing class booking terms 

  • If you are unable to attend on the day please call or text Sew In Brighton owner Kat on 07958964810 as soon as you know, so she can inform your teacher. See terms below for cancellations.
  • Payment is in advance: once booking date has been agreed it will be held for 48 hours to give you time to complete payment. If booking is made very close to class date please pay as soon as possible so we can confirm with teacher and book room/time in calendar.
  • Cancellation charges and rescheduling. 
    If you inform us that you cannot attend: 
    • 7 days or more before your booked class date we will exchange the date for another one with no extra charge once.
    •  within one to six days before your booked class that you cannot attend we will give you a credit note for 50% of the value of your booking that you can use to book another class.
    • less than 24 hours before your booked class that you cannot attend, we unfortunately cannot exchange or credit and more classes will need to be rebooked and paid for in full.
    • regarding Covid-19 (and other serious current nationwide flu or disease) if you are unable to attend due to having symptoms or needing to isolate we will reschedule your class without any penalty, even on the day, however we can only do this once
  • If you are using commercial sewing patterns: in your lesson you will need to buy the correct sized sewing pattern if bringing your own - we have full info on how to do this - download the document 'Pre-course pattern and fabric buying guide' here in the Improver section of class instructions. We also have some patterns for sale in class. Please contact us if you need more help.
  • Bring the items you need: You need to check with your teacher before the end of each class that you know what you need to bring for your next class. Email us if not sure or if you forgot to speak to the teacher. This is so that you can get the most out of each class by having all the things you need to get on with your project and make the best use of your time in the classroom.
  • We can only estimate what you will achieve in your booked class(es): it is just a guide and will be fully dependent on the complexity of the project, your previous sewing experience and learning style, plus any fitting or fabric issues.
  • We cannot guarantee you will have the same teacher for all of your booked classes, although we will do our best. It will be dependent on your and the teacher's mutual availability, as well as the availability of the classroom.
  • Other 1-2-1 classes and activities may be in progress in the same classroom at the same time as your 1-2-1, although you will have a dedicated teacher for just you and your project. Please let us know at time of your booking enquiry if you need a private space with no other people around.
  • If anything may affect your lesson e.g. learning difficulties or physical disabilities, please let us know at time of enquiry

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Sewing Hen, Birthday, Group Parties booking terms

  • Deposit An £85 non refundable deposit will be required, once details are all confirmed between us, to reserve your workshop date, tutor & materials. This must be paid to us as one individual payment from one bank account
  • Min. numbers The minimum cost of a workshop is calculated for 8 hens, even if fewer than 8 hens come along.
  • £ Balance The balance for the rest of the payment is payable one month in advance of your workshop date (or immediately if booking less than one month before the event). This must be paid to us as one individual payment from one bank account. Let us know before paying if the number of hens for your party has changed and we can email you back with the new balance calculation.
  • Both the deposit and final balance payment 
  • Alcohol Please don't drink more than one glass of alcohol before or during your workshop - needles, fingers, fumbling.... : )
  • Arrive early Please plan to arrive 5 minutes early - we would be very sad if you arrived late and didn't have time to complete the items you're making (the teacher & room are only booked until the planned finish time).
  • Extra hens If you find you want more hens attending than those booked & paid for, please let us know with as much notice as possible before the event (i.e. your booked hen party with us), so we can take payment for the extra people and book extra teachers and materials if needed. There is a chance that if it is more than one person extra, we may not be able to accept them depending on venue size and teacher availability we have already booked, but please do ask. If we are not informed & any un-paid-for hens turn up on the day of the event they may have to go get a coffee on their own while you do your fun stuff for 2-2.5h - not so fun for them  : (
  • Cancellations, refunds, fewer hens In the case of you needing to cancel the event (i.e. your booked hen party with us), the deposit is always non refundable. Once the balance is paid the balance is 50% refundable if you notify us up to 10 days before the event and non refundable if you notify us fewer than 10 days before the event. If number of hens reduces we can refund 50% of the cost per hen if notified up to 10 days before the event - we're not able to refund otherwise

Book or find out more about Hen Parties here

Voucher & Experience Sewing Class Booking Terms (e.g. Groupon, Virgin etc)

  • Appointment required, book using the form on this page above; provide voucher code on form.
  • Present voucher code on arrival so teacher knows to give you complimentary fabric and notions.
  • 14-day rescheduling policy. For requests to reschedule with fewer than 14 days notice our standard booking terms for classes and courses apply, Read them here (one of the main points to note is that you can only reschedule if there is a waiting list. Otherwise you can book on the day in future to make up the missed class, We will email you a 100% off code to do this if you need to reschedule with less than 14 days notice) 
  • Expiry. You can attend a date after your voucher expiry this as long as you actually book it before the voucher expires.
  • Groupon voucher refunds or cancellations are not available via Groupon or Sew In Brighton once your booking details have been provided on the form above.

Sew In Brighton’s Privacy Policy

  • Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. The details you supply are for our use only and will never be shared with third parties.
  • We collect student's email addresses and mobile numbers in order that we can let them know in advance about cancellations or changes to classes and courses. 
  • We also use your email address to keep you informed about new courses, special offers and to send you our bi-monthly newsletter, which has sewing tips and competitions. You can easily unsubscribe from this service at any time, after which you will receive no further contact from us*
  • We also collect other data such as ‘how you heard about us’ and ‘what classes are you interested in’. We use this information to develop our classes and improve our marketing, so that we can deliver the most appropriate services and marketing to our clients.
  • If you have any concerns regards your privacy please contact us at [email protected]

Mailing List Privacy & Data Protection info & about ways we may contact you:
If you are receiving emails from us in which we tell you about our courses, offer discounts, share sewing tips and other sewing related news (other than about your bookings), these are our terms - please do unsubscribe in the footer of the next email or contact us if you do not agree or want to receive emails of this nature, many thanks. 

By signing up or staying on our email mailing list you are agreeing to:
1: Sew In Brighton emailing you with updates/news/tips.
2: We may contact past/current students by phone/email for feedback about their projects/classes. 
3: Our Privacy Policy & Terms.
4: Us storing your details on Mail Chimp (in accordance with their privacy policy/terms). 
Unsubscribe on email footers any time or contact: [email protected] to request to be taken off the list. 

As a student of Sew In Brighton we may contact you by phone/email for feedback about your projects/classes. You can request that we don't do this in person, by email or by phone - contact us here

* Our booking system automatically generates birthday gift emails and checking in emails & offers to all those opted in to 'News & Promos' on their account.  They are not related to subscriptions to our Mail Chimp mailing list.  To stop receiving these, visit your account here taking care not to deselect 'Your account' or 'Reminder/schedule changes' as we still need to send you any booking confirmations and class reminders.  Alternatively email us on [email protected] requesting that we opt you out of these.

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