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Have you made clothes from commercial dressmaking patterns but wish you had more choice & a better fit? 
What if you could sew your own designs, or copy your favourite clothes or recreate vintage patterns in your size? 

At Sew In Brighton you can learn fashion design & pattern cutting at any time of the year. Check our classes menu here to see if we have a specific course running, but if not you can learn this skill in 1-2-1 lessons & most aspects of it can also be learnt in our Stitch! Sewing and Clothes Making Sessions which run several times a week

There are 3 aspects to Pattern Cutting & Fashion Design:
1. Making your block - this is a basic shape (a skirt, trouser, top (bodice) or dress) that has been crafted to fit perfectly. It has no design details. It's purpose is to be used again & again & adapted into new garment designs of your choice (see the 2 methods of creating your block below)
2. Fashion Design & Pattern Cutting - Tracing off & cutting up your block to make new dressmaking patterns for your own custom designs (or replicating it in the style of garments you've seen elsewhere)
3. Replicating a pattern from an existing garment - recreate a much loved garment without taking it apart by tracing it off bit by bit onto paper & adding seam allowance, notches etc


Previous Student Reviews of our Pattern Cutting tuition on courses, Stitch! Sessions & 121 lessons:

"This course gave me the confidence I can actually make a pattern for anything I want to design"  Julia Miles, Hove

"I've learnt sooo much! I feel I've gained the confidence to design & make any garment"   Stephanie Yeboah, Brighton 

"Kat is friendly, approachable & positive. I'm amazed to have drafted a pattern & which appears to fit!"   Sheila Firth, Fulking

''The course was a revelation. It has opened so many more options to me for my dressmaking & seems limitless in its application''   Caroline Fielden, Brighton


Experience/age: For adults aged 16+. Pattern cutting combines creativity & technical precision. To get the most out of this course you should have made at least one garment before using a sewing machine, be able to use a sewing machine without help & be happy using a calculator for basic maths. You could book sewing classes with us if you want to learn some clothes-sewing skills before the course - click here for info. 

Venue: The Sewing Lounge, Hove or enquire about us coming to your house (We have stairs! Click here for information on venue access if you have a disability or injury)   

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Lessons content example for Intro to block making (skirt block) + pattern cutting a new design in 1-2-1 lessons:

  1. Make a perfect fitting skirt pattern template ('block') to your own measurements (1.5-2 hours)
  2. Make a toile & fit to perfection (1-2 hours)
  3. Learn how to adapt this block pattern in miniature paper patterns. Create many different styles & design techniques, including making waistbands, facings, pockets, pleats, gathers - any skirt you can imagine can be made from this block! (2-4 hours)
  4. Design a skirt & make a full size pattern for it to cut out & sew at home or in additional Stitch classes (3-4 hours)
  5. Underst& how the same techniques can be used to design & make dresses, trousers, tops etc (30 mins to 1 hour)
  6. You can use the same techniques at home (we will tell you the book to get on Amazon) to create your own trousers, dresses, tops etc & you'll find shop bought patterns much easier to underst& & customise/alter with some pattern cutting knowledge under your belt. Book Stitch Classes if you need help pattern cutting your block into new designs or sewing up the garments!

Bring to lessons for Intro to block making (skirt block):

  • Bring 1 metre of cotton calico fabric to make your toile from (there is a lovely soft calico sold at Buttons & Bows in the Open Market, Brighton - contact them to check stock)
  • Bring a sketchbook or folder with holepunched A4 paper plus some pritt stick, pins, fabric scissors, a hard pencil (2H -4H) & a pen. 
  • If you are splitting up your 1-2-1 lessons and doing some sewing at home, you'll need to have access at home to a sewing machine, pins, scissors & thread and you'll need to know how to sew already. If you don't have your own machine you can pop into The Sewing Lounge to use ours  for (£5 an hour - speak to your tutor on the course to arrange) or we have weekly Stitch sewing classes during or after the course should you need them, from £18 a class.
  • Wear thin clothes, leggings or tights (not too tight as changes body shape!) on week 1 for measuring the body & week for fitting your mock up/toile to yourself
  • Cash to buy pattern and tissue paper from us, plus you may want to buy yourself grader ruler from us if you enjoy using it on the day (£15)

We provide: rulers, tracing wheels, masking tape, spare paper scissors, tape measures, handouts. 

Where to buy fabric: Suggestions of where to buy your fabric locally will be given on your booking confirmation, or to see our list of local fabric shops now click here 

Refreshments: Complimentary tea & coffee during the classes. Feel free to bring a snack if needed


More pictures from previous Fashion Design & Pattern Cutting courses

  Fashion Design And Pattern Cutting   Fashion Design And Pattern Cutting
p cutting course 3  fashion design - pattern cutting block draft
 resized Beginner pattern Cutters in their skirt toiles. October 2011 fashion design & pattern cutting course sib - amanda and emma learn to
          fashion design - drafting ruch skirt mini 2015-04-20 20.07.43         fashion design mini draft 2015-04-20 20.06.24
         fashion design spring 2014 sarahs final skirt -        fashion design - vanessaskirt

fashion design - emmas final skirt design and mini draft. april 15 fashio


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