Quilting and Patchwork

Learn the traditional art of Patchwork & Quilting whilst taking your time making a lovely cushion or section towards a quilt. These also make excellent gifts and the patchwork pieces can be made from family or personal mementos - scraps from babys clothes or recycled clothes. 

quilting crazy equilateral triangle star cushion by kate mcnab nov 2014

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You can learn the art of patchwork and quilting and make a cushion or a quilt (other items can be made - ask us for what to bring)

Level: Improver/ Improving Beginner

Classes Needed: 2-3  Stitch Classes  Or appx. 4hrs in 1-2-1 lessons for a cushion, appx 5hrs 1-2-1 lessons for quilt (depends on size)

Which classes can I make this project in?: Mon evening, Wed morning or Thur evening Stitch Classes  with Mel (only) or 1-2-1 lessons with Laura Or Mel only

Experience: You will have needed to use a sewing machine before and made at least one item e.g. basic bag or cushion (to get to this level quickly check out our Beginner level classes). 

Project content

  • Option to bring along a patchwork design idea you've seen, use one of our in-class projects or design your own ideas with our teachers help
  • Learn the basics, including cutting fabrics, measuring seams and sewing the items together
  • Add wadding and stitch through 
  • If you'd like to add embroidery or applique, you can learn this in a 1-2-1 lesson with our teacher Laura

What to bring to your class to make CUSHION - bring the same but without the cushion pad/back to make a section of quilt: 

  • INNER PAD: a cushion to cover or a cushion pad 16-20" sq (can buy from us with cash on the day for £5 or from Fabric Land or C& H Fabrics)
  • CUSHION FRONT FABRIC: Lots of non stretch fabric scraps - old clothes, baby clothes, memorable fabrics OR 25cm each of 3 different fabrics from a fabric shop. We do have extra scraps too should you want to make a multi-fabric one, you are welcome to use them free of charge
  • CUSHION BACK FABRIC: half to 1m (get 1m if your cushion is more than 16" square) of non stretch fabric (at least 1m wide) for the back of the cushion
  • THREAD: a reel of thread to sew the pieces together and also for stitching on the top - so choose a colour you're happy to see
  • WADDING: if want to quilt it: half to 1m (get 1m if your cushion is more than 16" square) of 2oz or 4oz wadding (it's approx half an inch thick) a bit bigger than the pad you want to make (can buy from Fabric Land or C& H Fabrics)

Note: All fabric needs washing and ironing before class, unless it is 100% polyester or PU/PVC/Olicloth - or the finished item will never be washed. Check fabric content and any washing/ironing instructions when purchasing fabric 

We provide: sewing machine (or bring your own if you prefer), scissors, pins, chalk, tape measure etc if you don’t have your own

Where to buy fabric: Suggestions of where to buy your fabric locally will be given on your booking confirmation, or to see our list of local fabric shops now click here 

Email us Here with any pre-class questions

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Book 2-3  Stitch Classes (Mon evening, Wed morning or Thur evening with Mel only) 

"Even though I have only sewn once before, I came away with something I was really proud of." Kate, Hove

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Laura was really great, I liked the way that everyone was able to do things in their own way,it was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot.'' Lois, Hove

''I'm sooo pleased with my patchwork cushion - I went straight home after the workshop to make a second one!'' Rebecca, Hove

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