Alterations, customising and mending

Revamp your wardrobe by learning customisation, alteration and mending techniques.  Simply bring along any garments you'd like to fit or rework and leave with beautiful pieces of clothing tailored to your own fit and style.

Dates: Cover this in our Stitch! general Sewing and Clothes Making Classes

Experience: Previous basic experience of using of sewing machine is needed - you'll need to know how sew to a seam allowance and how to thread up (we can remind you though!). For adults and children aged 13+.

What you could cover
The skills, techniques and approaches you will learn will obviously depend on what your garments require, but they may include:

  • Hemming trousers and skirts
  • Fixing rips, tears and holes
  • Reshaping for a more flattering fit
  • Inserting a new zip
  • Shortening hems or sleeves for a new look
  • Applique to hide rips or stains
  • Making trousers into a bag
  • Making a Tshirt into a vest
  • Plus many others!

What to bring: 

  • Bring along one or several garments to fix, fit or rework

  • Wear clothing and shoes that will help you determine the best fit, i.e.
    - right sort of bra for tops and dresses (the bra you'd wear with them when altered),
    - maybe a vest top/leggings (not too tight!) so you can fit tops or dresses over if you don't want to strip off,
    - for trousers the shoes you'd wear them with as affects length.
    - Also if you'd tuck a top into skirts and trousers, bring that thickness of top to tuck on when determining new fit

  • If any of them need a new zip, or an exact thread match, show them to the teacher first as you may need to buy one before next session.
  • We have threads but not full colour range - bring your own if exact colour match is needed. It's 50p per project for using our thread.

  • matching thread and any notions missing ie if your garment had a broken zip or button, you will need to bring a replacement. We have some zips for sale in class, but only a few and not in all lengths and colours
  • your glasses if you need them for close up work

We provide: sewing machine (or bring your own if you prefer), scissors, pins, chalk, tape measure etc if you don’t have your own

Where to buy fabric: Suggestions of where to buy your fabric locally will be given on your booking confirmation, or to see our list of local fabric shops now click here

Venue: The Sewing Lounge, Hove - directions, parking and classroom info here (click here for information on venue access if you have a disability or injury)