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Hi, you've reached the exclusive page of class instructions for projects that can be completed in our regular Stitch! Sewing and Clothes Making classes, or in our One-to-One lessons

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Beginner level handouts:
Covered in beginner workshops/classes/courses


Additional beginner & improving beginner projects to try at home or in Stitch Classes:

Improver Sewing Projects

Making clothes from patterns guides
Make clothes from patterns and get our help fitting them 'tissue fitting' to your individual figure in 'Stitch Classes'


The Knicker Making Course stretch knicker making instructions. These are instructions for those who have attended the course and been given the pattern
You can also learn to make knickers in 2 or 3  Stitch Classes - just let us know on your booking form you'd like to make knickers and we'll tell you what to bring and get the patterns ready for your class. Click here to view/download the Knicker making instructions document

If you have any questions about instructions and patterns please contact us

Jersey Dress

A-line skirt
You can make our various skirts in Stitch Classes - see all skirts on our project page here
A-Line Skirt:

Roman Blind Making handouts - you can make Roman Blinds in certain Stitch Classes (not all teachers have this skill) and in 1-2-1 lessons - contact us to find out which.
Roman Blind Making Instructions


Dungarees In a Day workshop

Dungarees - Fabric Buying and pre-washing - all steps


Printable labels you may find useful to organise your sewing projects
Created by student John

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