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Which of these describes your current sewing machine experience? 

  • Complete Beginner - you're brand new to sewing, never sat at a sewing machine, never pinned & cut fabric. Or perhaps you sewed in school & want to re-learn/refresh the machine sewing basics from the beginning
  • Improver - for improving beginners: you have used & threaded up a sewing machine before, sewn seams following a seam allowance, made a small item or two - like a bag, purse, apron or cushion. You may need a reminder on some things as you're still fairly new to sewing
  • Intermediate - you've completed sewing at least two items of clothing and have sewn at least one zip. You understand how to lay a pattern on the straight grain of the fabric, mark notches and dots, and can pin and cut out fairly confidently. You understand how to thread up and sew with a machine and how to sew to a set seam seam allowance. You've inserted a zip at least once and sewn a buttonhole or two
  • Experienced - you've made five or more items of clothing using a sewing machine, including set in sleeves & are fairly confident cutting out and sewing unsupervised but will need some pointers and guidance on some things. You may need help learning to tissue-fit patterns to get a custom fit
  • Not sure? Have you not sewn for many years, but used to sew quite a bit? Perhaps you're a self taught sewer & not sure if you're doing it correctly? Why not book on to one or more of our all-level Stitch Classes to get back into it - you can work at your own pace on as easy or challenging project as you like to regain your confidence and know what level you are for our other courses! Or contact us to ask for our advice on where to start - we can call you to chat through the options or email you some info
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