Basic Dressmaking Techniques - in Stitch Classes or 1-2-1 lessons

In our regular weekly Stitch sewing and dressmaking classes or in 1-2-1 lessons you can learn how darts, seams, stay-stitching, basting & hems are used in making clothes from patterns and alterations and try out different types you may come across in your dressmaking. Find out:

  • What is the difference between stay-stitching and basting?  
  • What's a diamond dart and when is it used?  
  • Why would I use a french seam? 
  • What's the quickest way to sew a neat even hem? 

You'll discover the answers to all these whilst sewing them yourself! Read the detailed project outline here

Experience:  Improver, aged 16+. You need to have learnt to use a sewing machine and made a simple item only eg bag or cushion. You could learn to sew with us if you want to learn to use a sewing machine before starting this course

"Teacher Ricky was friendly & informative with really clear explanations. I left feeling much more knowledeable & confident!"
Louise Hollington, Nurse, Horsham more reviews here

Number of classes needed:

2 Stitch Classes or 3 hours of 1-2-1 lessons (bring the items below to your classes)

What to bring to your classes to complete this project:

  • 1 metre of plain medium weight cotton fabric to make samples
  • Note: All fabric needs washing and ironing before class, unless it is 100% polyester or PU/PVC/Olicloth - or the finished item will never be washed. Check fabric content and any washing/ironing instructions when purchasing fabric 
  • 100m reel of contrast ordinary polyester sewing thread (so you can see the stitching on your samples)
  • £1 in case you want to keep your bobbins with leftover thread on (they are 50p each)
  • Bring your glasses if you need them for close up work
  • Optional Sewing machine: bring your own or use ours. We are on the third floor so we recommend using ours which are Janome 525s's, less than 18 months old (non computerised) and very easy to use 

Please email us HERE with any questions 

Project Content:

  • Sew sample sections for each technique with a discussion on how each is used in making clothes with examples of dressmaking patterns and finished garments to look at:
    • all about darts - darts help create a flattering shape and structure to our garments. Find out about different shape and length darts for various garment areas and body shapes
    • how to sew a great finished ordinary and french seam
    • understand the importance of stay stitching and basting - and the difference between them!
    • learn our speedy hemming method, get confident with hand-sewing your hems and try out the blind hemmer foot, 
  • Take home your samples for future reference in your sewing and dressmaking. You'll have online access to our full colour handouts to download and print at home if needed

Reviews of this project:

"There was plenty of space and good equipment - I loved learning how to do french seams" Teresa Kempster, Customer Service Manager, Hove

"I came along as I've loved my previous classes at Sew In Brighton. I particularly enjoyed today's tips on sewing darts and seams - the teacher was competent, patient and explained the material very well" Katrin Felker, Project Manager, Brighton

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