Use stretch jersey with stretch lace edging knickers pattern

Complete this project in our weekly Sewing and Dressmaking classes, or in our One-to-One lessons at a time that suits you!

Level: Improver

Classes needed: 2-3

Which Stitch Classes to attend: Any


  • 30cm of stretch jersey fabric (from a 130cm or 160cm width roll of cloth) suitable for knickers. Bring £2 just in case what you bring is not suitable and you need to buy 30cm of fabric from us, as we'll have a few spare lengths on hand for emergencies!
  • Instead of new fabric you could bring an old stretch jersey dress or T-shirt (width needs to be at least as wide as half your hip circumference and no skinny tees please!).
  • Note: All fabric needs washing and ironing before class, unless it is 100% polyester or PU/PVC/Olicloth - or the finished item will never be washed. Check fabric content and any washing/ironing instructions when purchasing fabric 
  • lace knicker elastic up to 1cm wide x3m - try Ebay sewing dept
  • £2 contribution for your pattern (which you keep) and paper used to trace it off

Email us HERE with any pre-class questions