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  1. Garment Alterations & Overlocking: Interview with Carrie White

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    We interview our Overlocking and Alterations teacher, professional machinist Carrie White...   

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    How did you get into sewing for a living, how long have you been doing it?
    I've been sewing for about 15 years and doing it professionally for around 6 years. It took quite some time for me to realise I could do it for a living. I was working in an office and making things in my spare time, and at some point I figured out that I was happier sewing than I was at my job. I studied Costume Production at a theatre school in London and when I left I decided to go into the wedding dress industry. I contacted various bridal shops in my area, got some experience with them and have been making and altering dresses ever since.

    What do you do in your sewing jobs?  What sort of garment alterations do you do in your usual working week?
    The main bulk of my work is altering dresses, all sorts of dresses! Cotton, chiffon, jersey, velvet, silk, I've altered them all. Every now and again I'll make a dress but I like the quick turn around with alterations. The most common alteration is taking up hems - ladies come in all different heights and prefer all different shoe heights too so about 75% of all long dresses will need shortening. The next most common alteration is lifting the shoulders, this can make such a difference to the fit of a dress but is not always the most obvious change to make. 

    How do you use overlockers in your job? 

  2. Buying a sewing machine - guest blog by Ian at Varneys Sewing Machines, Portslade

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    A question we’re often asked here at Sew in Brighton is ‘which kind of sewing machine should I by, and where can I buy it from?’

    We caught up with Ian from one of favourite suppliers, Varney’s Sewing Machines over in Portslade. He gave us his hints and tips on finding the sewing machine of your dreams...

  3. What is an overlocker?

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    Overlockers, originally used in industrial sewing venues, are a valuable asset to home sewers.  

    Not long ago, overlockers were only available for commercial use. The machines were huge, heavy and impractical for home sewers. Fortunately, the market has changed and there are wonderful assortments of industrial-quality overlockers, at a variety of price points, designed specifically for home sewers.

    Different from a conventional sewing machine that forms a stitch with a bobbin and top thread, an overlocker works with loopers and needle threads that form an overlocking stitch.

    When selecting an overlocker, keep in mind that as the number of threads and loopers increase, so does the price of the machine. So, choose the configuration that best fits your needs.

    What does an Overlocker do? To read the full in-depth article on overlockers please click here

    Interested in learning to use an Overlocker? Read details in the box below



    At Sew In Brighton sewing school, based in Hove, East Sussex we can show you how to thread up, adjust tension, sew jersey and other fabrics and answer any of your questions you may have about overlockers, how they work and which overlocker is suitable for your needs. You can bring your own overlocker machine or learn on ours. 

    We have these options to help you get to know your overlocker: 

    Love Your Overlocker Workshop
    Learn to use an overlocker (use ours or bring your own) or get help with ANY sewing project you have in mind to our Click here for details

    Level 2 Overlocker Workshop
    Love Your Overlocker workshop - Sew In Brighton
    Learn advanced overlocking techniques including decorative stitching, more on rolled hems, cover stitching, blind hemming, dealing with corners, other hems and sewing with lycra... 
    Click here for details

    1-2-1 overlocker lessons
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    Private tuition covering either Love Your Overlocker or both that and Level 2 workshop content with our Overlocker expert at our classroom in Hove - or we may be able to hold the class at your house
    Click here for 1-2-1 class details and prices

    If you  are a 
    Beginner to sewing on machines and want to learn to sew with an ordinary sewing machine before advancing onto overlocking (recommended) click here to view our complete beginner classes and workshops