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An Interview with Rachata Powell of SUSUMU Shop

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When Rachata Powell first came to learn to sew with us at Sew In Brighton she had no previous sewing experience. Fast forward a year later and she’s now running her own business making and selling her own clothes! We caught up with her to quiz her on what inspired her to start sewing, build her own business and how she’s getting on.

Rachata Powell

When & why did you learn to sew?
I was a complete beginner when I first started in April last year. I had an idea of selling some trousers inspired by the traditional clothing worn by villagers in Thailand, but, in hiring someone to make these I wouldn't make any profit. So I decided to learn how to sew so I could make them myself.

What was your inspiration to start up a clothing brand?
At first I wanted to try and see if I could sew, then I started having fun making various things from trousers and dresses, to bags and hats. The more things I made, the more inspired I got. So I thought it would be great to make my own brand of clothing and start selling them because I now I had made so many items, I had enough to fill a shelf.

                Susumu Apron                    Dog Kimono Susumu                  Samurai Trousers Susumu

Who makes the clothes you sell?
I still make all the clothes myself. My unique selling point is that everything is a "handmade product".

Any plans/dreams for the future?
I’d like to advance my sewing skills. Also I’d like my brand to grow and become recognised by more people.

Where do you get your fabrics?
Lots of places! Some are authentic fabrics imported from Thailand, some are from online stores and from fabric retail shops.

Any tips for others who might like to start their own business?
A good website and eye-catching photos are essential in making your shop look professional. It’s also important to work hard on marketing and advertising your shop in order for your business to reach the public.

Rachata makes a variety of beautiful and original items inspired by the clothing worn in Thai villages. Head over to her website to have a look at her designs.

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